The Big Move

The Big Move

We made it to America on Friday, and moved into our new home on Monday. It was a bittersweet time as we said goodbye to dear friends in Norway. I am so thankful for the time that the Lord allowed us to spend in Norway, and the many friendships that we have made. It was such a blessing though to be able to bless others with the things that we were not able to take back to America with us. The Lord has provided everything that we need in America. My Grandpa and Grandma gave us their home to live in, we were provided a car from my parents, and many other gifts that we are eternally grateful for.

We packed up our little home in Norway, and left with seven bags. It was amazing all the things that at the time we bought them we thought were important, but really weren’t. Ruben thought that we should move every two years, that way we wouldn’t gather so much junk ;) Our plane left around 6 in the morning so we were up early. We thought that we were going to have to take two trips to the airport, but we were so thankful for Ole Jørgen, and Jørn’s help that morning they saved us a trip!

We must have looked ridiculous walking into the airport with two carts full of luggage, and a baby stroller. It was quite comical seeing the lady at the check in watching us. Our bags were packed to the top with all our belongings, and weighed a ton! It was so good to get rid of them. We got on the first flight to Amsterdam, and as soon as the plane took off Anya fell asleep. She literally slept until we landed it was awesome. When we arrived in Amsterdam we had a 5 hour layover… yuck. We ended up going to the baby room, and sleeping.

The next flight went just as well, Anya slept almost the whole 7 hours of the trip. She even made a friend. There was a 18 month old baby right across the aisle, and they were talking and giggling with each other. They had their own little language going on together it was so cute! The only downside to this plane ride was when Anya pooped on my pants… It was not so enjoyable walking around with green poop stains on my pants.

We arrived in Chicago, and went through customs. We thought that since we have seven bags it is going to take forever to get them, but of course we got them quicker then we ever have. Ruben rolled two big carts, and I had the stroller and was rolling a bag behind me. I love that feeling of walking out the automatic doors and there are people on both sides waiting for their family and friends to come though. You feel like someone famous!

We are still settling into our new home, and don’t have our computer set up yet, but I will make a house tour video before we do too many changes around here. I would love a before and after sort of thing.

It has been so awesome to be able to head over to my parents house for the afternoon, or for my parents to come visit us at our house. I never would have thought that I would be living in my Grandparents home with my family. Anya’s room is in my old room that I used to sleep in when I visited my Grandparents. It was funny thinking the other day that my daughter is sleeping in my old room that I used to sleep in as a little girl. It is so amazing how things work out. Thank you all for your prayers, and encouragement it means more to me then ever. I appreciate every one of you, and I am excited to see what new, and exciting adventures the Lord takes us on in America!

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