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Vlogging 101 {Personality}

Personality plays a big role when vlogging. You have about 10 seconds from the start of your video for people to decide if they want to keep watching, or not. Again, I am going to stress the importance of being yourself though! You probably have favorite youtubers that you enjoy watching. Why do you enjoy watching them? They are funny, have a bubbly personality, and their videos are interesting. People don’t want to watch someone that is going to speak monotone, has no personality, and is mumbling.

You want to make sure that you are well groomed, and put together before you film. Check your teeth, and make sure that there is nothing in them, and put a smile on your face! A smile will automatically brighten your video up {unless it’s fake}. I love having my husband around to play off of him. We both like to have fun, and joke around with each other and I think that helps liven the videos up a bit.

Now, if your video is a serious one, and you are trying to get a point across to your viewers then don’t be funny or silly. But, you still need to have some sort of personality!

If you are passionate about what your trying to convey then act like it.

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Vlogging FAQ

I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about vlogging. These are just a few, but if you have more please let me know!

1. What type of camera should I use?
That all depends on what type of videos that you are planning on making. If you are going to be filming outside, and around the area then you want a small camera that is easy to take with you. I prefer the Flip camera, but there is also the Kodak Zi8, Sony Webbie, and RCA EZ 101 Small Wonder Camcorder.  You can also use your webcam to film videos, but be sure to turn off the tracking on it so that the focus won’t become blury during your video. 

2. When should I film?
You should pick a day, or days that are the best for you, and film. People like consistency in vlogs {that goes for blogging as well} If you choose one day of the week to film 4 videos you will already have a months worth of vlogs! 

3. What should I film?
You should film what you are passionate about, and what you love. People can tell if it is something that you are not interested in. Look on Yahoo answers for some questions in your niche that people are wanting answered, or maybe you could make a video response to someone that has a question that you can answer. 

4. How can I get more video views?
You can get more people to see your videos by submitting them to sites like Buzz Feed, Digg, Break, and Reddit

Again, these are just a few of the most asked questions about vlogging. If you have any others please send me a message via Facebook. 

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