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December 10, 2011

We have been back in Norway now for almost a week, and still Anya’s sleeping scheduled is a mess! She went to bed around midnight last night, and woke up around 10. The last few nights she would go to bed at 11 and wake up at 5. Normally she goes to bed between 8-10, and wakes up around 7ish. Seems like she had a easier time adjusting to the states ;) I’m thinking because it’s so dark in Norway all the time that she is having trouble distinguishing day from night. Any advice is VERY welcome!!
Today we had a lunar eclipse, but we ended up missing it. We were preparing for bible study, and spending some time together as a family. I am starting to appreciate my weekends a lot more. Don’t get me wrong I love my week with my little girl, but it’s so nice to have Ruben home with us ALL day. Soon he will be working from home so I will get to see him all the time! 
My husband is currently leading a bible study in the book of 1 Corinthians. You can find his notes from the lessons on his blog, if you are interested. Tonights topic was divorce and remarriage. It was so wonderful to see everyone tonight, and such a sweet fellowship. Anya was little miss talkative tonight, she has found her voice, and she loves to use it. She also recently found her feet! I can hardly believe that she is 4 months old, time sure is flying by.
On Tuesday I get to try Lutefisk for the first time ever! Here is a picture of it:
Lutefisk (pronounced LEWD-uh-fisk) is dried cod that has been soaked in a lye solution for several days to rehydrate it. It is then boiled or baked and served with butter, salt, and pepper. The finished lutefisk usually is the consistency of Jello. It is also called lyefish, and in the United States, Norwegian-Americans traditionally serve it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In many Norwegian homes, lutefisk takes the place of the Christmas turkey. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, you can find lutefisk in local food stores and even at some restaurants. It is a food that you either love or hate, and, as some people say, “Once a year is probably enough!” {What’s Cooking America}

Well, I hope that you all had a wonderful Saturday. If you haven’t already heard I am currently doing a 100 days of Thankfulness series on my blog. I would love it if you joined in with me, and linked up your blog post. I have loved reading your posts each day, and meeting new bloggers!

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